Why are people moving to Cleveland? Why should I consider Cleveland?

I predict that if you stopped someone on the street you would get different answers from each one. There are many reasons to move to Cleveland.

  1. The first and foremost reason to move to Cleveland is simply because its a beautiful place to live. We are a friendly caring “smallish getting biggish community”. Husbands have where to Daven and Learn, Wives are making friends, and kids love having so many friends in close proximity.
  2. There can be cheaper housing depending on what you have in mind. If you want a starter 3/4 bedroom home, you can get a house for $250,000 or less………or more! However, if you want a large home, they can get costly, but may be cheaper than where you live currently.
  3. Our lifestyle is simpler. There is so much cost and social pressure to an expensive lifestyle. In Cleveland, overall people live much simpler. It just makes it easier to live, mingle and be happy.
  4. Whatever type of community you identify with, we have a shul for you. From Modern Orthodox to Ultra Orthodox Or Sefardic and Everything in Between.
  5. And of course, in Cleveland, you are not just another person. People notice you, and you notice people. It’s a community where you can make a difference.
  6. Cleveland is just Cleveland! Almost every family who has moved here is very happy and plans on staying until…………….Gavi Sells them a House/Dira in Israel!