Step 1: Find out your House value

First step in selling your house is finding out the value of your house. This way you will know how much money you have to purchase your next home or do whatever you plan on doing with the money. We give free Home Value Opinions so feel free to reach out.

Step 2: Prepare your home to sell

  • Repair the things your wife has been bugging you about for years
  • Make sure all city inspections and violation repairs are taken care of
  1. When selling your house, try to put yourself in a buyers position. What would bother them and make them offer less for your house or not buy your house at all. In general, from my experience, the first thing that bothers buyers is cleanliness. For example, if your walls are dirty, or the caulk around the tub is black and the ketchup on the kitchen ceiling. Similarly, broken stuff. Like hanging light fixtures, or hanging cabinet doors. These things should be done before any updates. If you have the money, mindset and time, you can think about painting the house and doing updates. 
  2. Many cities have what’s called a Point of Sale inspection. That means, the city comes out before you sell your house and checks if specific things are up to code. They require them to  be repaired. Sometimes a buyer can do the repair post closing but the inspection itself must be done. This has held up closing many times when people delayed calling the city for the inspection. However, only order the inspection if you are certain you are selling your house within 12 months, since once they inspect, you must fix!

Step 3: List your house

  1. Call an agent to get your house listed. Should you sell by owner? Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try, but most people who have done it have left money on the table. The statistics of success stories are very low. An agent has abilities and resources in many different ways to get you more money. ( There will be an article on that coming soon)

Step: 4 Get your house under contract

  1. Get ready to start allowing people to intrude your privacy. Hide whatever you don’t want them to see. The more flexibility you have in allowing showings, the bigger chance you have in selling your property and getting top dollar.


Step 5: Make sure the buyer is taking care of their responsibilities.

Your agent or yourself if selling by owner, needs to be on top of the buyer to make sure he is taking care of his responsibilities. Mainly in doing his inspections and getting his financing done. This way you will close on the agreed upon date

Step 6: Order a mover

Movers get booked. Make sure you get a slot! 

Step: 7 Move out after closing and clean house

Move out of course. It’s nice to give over the house really clean. It causes the buyer to have good feelings for the previous owner for a long time. However, your responsibility is usually to just have it broom swept.