Step 1: Locate a house to rent


Figure out what area you want to live in. Something to keep in mind, Lots of rentals rent off market, so make sure you let me know what you are looking for. The reason is that we know what houses are rentals and when people are moving out so it’s easier to match you up with a rental. As opposed to selling a house, owners themselves don’t know if they are selling their own house.


Step 2: Negotiate a lease


Negotiate a lease. Keep in mind things like, lease length and who is responsible for utilities and repairs.


Step 3: Move in


Move in, and start looking to move out!……………when you buy a house


Things to expect


  • Background Check
  • Renters Insurance


  1. Most landlords will require all adults moving into a house to do a background check. No one wants a criminal as a tenant. They also look at if you pay your bills and what debt you might have. These things can be an indication if you will pay your rent on time or at all. Landlords don’t profit much, so no rent means they lose money.
  2. Some landlords may require that you get renters insurance. Even if they don’t you may want to look into that.