Hi! My name is Gavi Septon, and I am not your typical realtor. In a normal situation, you want a house, you call a realtor, he/she shows you houses on the market. If you like it you buy it. if not you are stuck. However, with me, we start backwards. I try to understand what you have in mind for a house. Obviously, if its on the market, I will show it to you. But I am not limited to the market. I make it my business to know who is thinking of selling or would consider an offer in my territory. I follow up with people for years to keep on the pulse. If what you have in mind is not on the market, I will go find it, sometimes even get it built for you. that’s why I have become known as “the man in the know”. Try me and see for yourself.

My Goals

My Mission!

To do whatever it takes to find you your dream house, or investment.

I make it my mission to know everything there is to know about buying a house. From repairs to renovations, financing, taxes, tuition, which block you will be happy on, building new construction, renting, short term rentals……This way, I can give you the guidance you need to successfully find the home of your dreams.


Gavi Septon


Before becoming a Realtor, Gavi worked in the property preservation industry and managed hundreds of homes across 3 states. In 2017, as the preservation business was slowing down, Gavi became a licensed Realtor on the side and eventually full time. Today he is an award winning realtor and has become the “man in the know” in the Cleveland market.

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Listing Houses

I can get your house sold with the best terms

Finding Houses

I don’t just show houses, I find them!


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Building equity and Cash Flow

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