From a general shopping experience, believe it or not, in Cleveland we have every major department store! From Walmart to Saks Fifth Ave and everything in between. In Fact, for some, Cleveland is an upgrade in shopping. We have malls, shopping centers and outlet stores. You will not be leaving any of that behind when moving to town.

From a Jewish Food Shopping experience. We have 2 grocery stores, 2 butchers, 4 pizza shops, a Chinese restaurant, and a couple fast food establishments. And something tells me that more is coming. However, in Cleveland people eat out less………..simply because our wives know how to cook!

Then we have a Frum Women’s clothing store, accessory store, kids shoe store a men’s suit store and multiple basement shops that have it all.

FYI, as of 2022, we no longer have push carts and horse and buggies! sorry!!! Hertz Rent a horse just closed. We are getting with the times……just a bit slow!

The below list is not intended to be a full Cleveland Directory. Rather, it’s to give you an idea what our city has to offer.

Store Name Store Type
Unger’s Supermarket
Grove Super Market
Tibors Meats Butcher
Borris Meats Butcher
Arova Meat Fast Food
Jade Chinese Fast Food
L’Chaim Meat Restauraunt
Milky Way Dairy/Vegetarian
Kineret Pizza Shop
Issy’s Pizza Shop
Mendel’s BBY (Coming Soon) Smokehouse
Simcha’s Spectacular Women’s/Children Clothing
Head Shoulders Tows and Bows Accesrories/Clothing
Tip Tap Toe Shoes
The Suiterie Mens Suits and Shoes