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Cleveland Heights

Frum Cleveland Heights has been around longer than we can remember. Many of its senior members are graduates of the Telshe Yeshiva. It’s a very friendly and welcoming community where families feel they can call home. This community is almost in its entirety what we call “yeshivish”. If  you think you are Yeshivish and want to bring up your family in such an environment then you will love this community. It is home to many shuls and multiple Kolelim.

The Average home is 1600 sqft, 3 bedrooms and sellfor on average $170,000-$250,000……..for now!

It is just recently that families began to move to South Euclid. It’s across the street from both University Heights and Beachwood. In south Euclid you can get a larger home for cheaper and actually get a larger back yard. Currently, there are about 15+ frum families who made the leap and we expect many more to follow. They are walking distance to many shuls.

South Euclid is now home to Yeshiva Toras Chaim on the old Hebrew Academy Saperstein Campus which may cause more people to make the move.


South Euclid

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Shaker Heights

Shaker Heights borders on both Beachwood and University Heights. In the last few years there are families that have moved there. Shaker Heights has larger homes that can’t be found in University Heights and are cheaper than Beachwood. People are moving there but at a very slow pace. However, Shaker will always have a certain appeal that many people love!

In the last aprx 10 years University Heights has grown by leaps and bounds. Families from across the globe have decided to call it home. Since this is all relatively new, the neighborhood is mostly young to middle age families where wives have friends and kids have lots of neighbors. There are plenty of shuls, close to all shopping and of course cheap housing.

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University Heights

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Beachwood is an attractive city to move to and is growing rapidly. The homes on average are larger than University Heights and go as large as mansions. Many families find their dream home to settle into in Beachwood. There is space between homes (on most blocks). You don’t have the “bungalow colony” feeling felt in areas where homes are on top of each other. If you need to send a child to public school then Beachwood services and education are best in the area. Overall, its a beautiful City.

Wickliffe is home of Telshe Yeshiva and Yeshivas Tiferes Avigdor (R Brog). Frum families living there are almost all (if not all) currently attending or alumni of one of these Yeshivas. Homes on average sit on half acer of land. It’s a beautiful city to live in, however, it’s extremely difficult to purchase a home around the Yeshiva’s. However, there is the option of renting in nearby Bishop Park Apartments.

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